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Market leader with-in a short span of time.

Rise and Shine Insulation and Fire Protection LLC is the leading and most reliable fire protection company in the UAE. We are synonymous with delivering the best-in-class fire protection and life safety solutions for diverse industries. With 25+ years of combined fire-protection experience on varied fire safety projects across the UAE, we help you meet your fire safety goals cost-effectively while ensuring the safety of people, property, and business functions. Our team specialises in offering a wide array of fire-stopping, fireproofing, acoustics, thermal insulation, GRP lining and combination roofing solutions in the UAE. We have a customer-oriented approach, which means we put our clients at the core of our decision making. Our team collaborates with you to understand your requirements clearly and then offer a personalised solution to meet your needs.
We take immense pride in aligning our operation with the UAE’s vision 2030 to contribute to the development of the business sector and create a sustainable future for Emiratis. Having served 100+ clients successfully, we have a proven track record of providing reliable and relevant solutions that benefit our customers and exceed their expectations. Our experts incorporate efficient fire and safety processes to bring about strategic development in businesses by utilising innovation and technology.

Rise and Shine Insulation and Fire Protection LLC have successfully delivered fire safety solutions for various projects in the UAE- Dubai Mall Expansion, Expo 2020, Beeah Headquarters, Kifaf Development, Dubai Uptown, Sail Tower, One Zabeel and many more.

Over the years, we have transformed our business through internal growth and expanded operations in multiple locations to become the industry leaders in fire protection solutions. We are currently operating in 6 countries- India, Canada, Oman, the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Journey

Rise and Shine group of companies is the UAE Member Firm of the global network of Rise and Shine Global firms, a group of independent entities helping companies solve problems in Firestopping, Fireproofing, Cladding, Waterproofing, Acoustics and Coring & Cutting services.

​Rise & Shine was founded by Chairman & Managing Director Mr.G. Ravi Subramanyam in 2006 in UAE with plans to proceed for success. The company started growing from a medium-sized contracting firm in Sharjah in the name of Rise & Shine Fire Protection .It has another branch in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the name of Rise & Shine Insulation Fire Protection LLC.

​It has also already spread its wings to 4 more countries QATAR, OMAN,K.S.A. & INDIA. In a short span of time it has emerged as one of the important market leaders in the field of Passive Firestop Contracting with Specialization in Fire stop Application, Supply and Apply of Waterproofing Chemicals, PU Foam and Construction Chemicals Application.

​In 2009 our group expanded to Qatar under the name of Rise & Shine Trading & Contracting Company (RSTC). We have been awarded with NEW DOHA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, SIDRA, WTC. Another Branch was opened in Qatar under the name Rise & Shine Engineering Services (RSES).

​In Beginning of 2010 we opened a branch in KSA in the name of Rise & Shine Contracting Co.Est.We were recently awarded with the prestigious CMA Tower project in KAFD.

​In mid 2010 in India we opened a branch operating in the name of Rise & Shine Contracting L.L.P.We are doing lots of government contracts along with BBMP partnered and International reputed Company Like HILTI and Prompt for various Projects.In fire stop we have been doing a lot of government awarded with PEPSICO Plant- Pune, QUALCOM – Bangalore.

​In 2012 we have opened our branch in OMAN in the name of Rise & Shine Technical Services L.L.C. & have successfully completed the OCTAL Project.

​It was the childhood dream of Mr. G. Ravi Subramanyam which has become a strong symbol of his aspirations & developed into RISE & SHINE Group of Companies.During his school days in Rabindranath School ,Madanapali ,Andhra Pradesh he had observed a wall which had Rise & Shine painted on it. At that time only he determined he would also like to rise in his life like a sun.

​Rise & Shine is also an acronym of Mr. G. Ravi Subramanyam where R of RISE stands for RAVI & S of SHINE stands for Subramanyam. His discreet vision and self-motivated attitude has helped the Rise & Shine Group to become a market leader with-in a short span of time. His contributions in the field of Contracting and Allied Services are truly remarkable.

​Rise and Shine Member Firms are separate and independent legal entities, are not agents of other firms in the Rise and Shine network, and have no authority to obligate or bind other firms in the Rise and Shine network.

Founder's Message


When we started our journey in the UAE, we felt there was a huge deficit between the supply and demand chain in terms of fire protection and safety services. Saudi Arabia’s major industry, oil and gas, requires high demand for fire safety systems and equipment. To effectively meet the demands, we established Rise and Shine Insulation and Fire Protection LLC in the UAE with a vision to empower every person with the right fire protection tools to safeguard themselves.


We propagate a culture of excellence and community development while aligning our workforces with the philosophy of best business practices that lead to successful outcomes. I am confident that we will continue to scale new heights in alignment with our mission of contributing to building a safe and secure environment for every Emirati.



Our employees are one of our company’s greatest assets. What they say about our company, how they act in the workplace, and how happy they are in their roles all impact on our brand, our image, our levels of service and ultimately our customers’ satisfaction.

We treat all our employees as partners of our company. Our organization’s success depends on our employees’ great performance which is the major reason behind our company’s success.


The primary purpose of a business is to create a customer because it is the customer who will determine the growth potential of a business.

They are the resource upon which the success of the business depends.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the selling process. The relationship between the customer and the organization is, therefore, an important one & we ensure that all our customers are satisfied with our services.


Vendors are one of the key elements to help & grow our business. Vendors contribute majorly by providing comprehensive Engineering support throughout the project. They also lead, provide us guidance & superior products which are during the execution of our projects.


Management role is majorly on decision making. Ensuring all Employees, Customers & Vendors are having a smooth relationship which is profitable for both individual & Company.

Why Choose Us?

Rise and Shine Insulation and Fire Protection LLC offer a wide range of services to suit all your fire safety and security safety needs in one place. Our team of professionals is ready to manage all of your fire and life safety demands in the UAE. We assist in the protection of what matters most – people and the structures they inhabit.

Here’s why you should choose us as your preferred partner always


We ensure life safety by providing a range of trusted and reliable systems to protect people from mis happenings caused by fire

Global Reach

We employ a global network of 1000+ employees across six countries-India, Canada, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Qatar


In-depth understanding and knowledge of local rules and regulations set us apart from the rest


Mitigating the impact of our business activities on the environment by analysing the environmental risks posed and finding appropriate solutions accordingly


We integrate cutting-edge technology with our operations to improve, protect and enhance lives daily


All our fire protection products and services undergo rigorous quality checks. We are certified by Civil Defence, ISO 9001:2000, HILTI, Carboline and many internationally recognized certifications


We make residential, commercial and industrial buildings/areas a safer place within the client's budget


Our multi-lingual team of highly skilled professionals provide you with the best-in-class solution that is bound to fulfil your needs



Rise and Shine is committed to a Policy of continual improvement in the performance of our Integrated Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management System. This is achieved through,

The effectiveness of this Integrated Management System is improved through, trained manpower, establishing norms for resources usage, periodic internal audits and review of QHSE policy and its objectives.

The Company as a whole with its employees is responsible for implementing and complying with the norms stipulated to meet QHSE management system requirements.

This QHSE policy is effectively communicated to all of our employees and other associated parties, to enable them to interact with any third party, client or public, in line with the Company’s QHSE management system.

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Ravi Subramanyam: The creator of the QHSE policy.

Rise and Shine group of companies is the UAE Member Firm of the global network of Rise and Shine Global firms, a group of independent entities helping companies solve problems in Firestopping, Fireproofing, Cladding, Waterproofing, Acoustics and Coring & Cutting services.

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